Google brings RSS feeds, and adsense text ads to Gmail; Official Google Blog: A cure for the common inbox

Official Google Blog: A cure for the common inbox

I think this is following the Yahoo additions to thier email system, but is a sneaky way to get adsense ads delivered to everyone’s inbox, well outside the box really. Some will see this as google soam, some will see it as relevant supplemental info”, some will see it as a privacy issue and add it to the anti-google crusade, marketers will see it as an opportunity to get thier message out in more places, corporations will scramble to check up on what people are clicking in thier Gmail boxes, and google may have come up with a way to get ads in a space without tramlping on the page space too much, since they say:

Gmail tips and relevant text ads appear from time to time as well.

Time will tell if people are annoyed by the text ads in Gmail and choose another email service, or if google has struck the right balance of content vs ads vs usability… time will tell.