Protecting your kids from online predators – MSNBC TV Live –

Protecting your kids from online predators – MSNBC TV Live –

On the heels of a ‘Dateline NBC’ investigative report exposing sexual predators who attempted to lure young teenagers into sexual encounters, MSNBC’s Alison Stewart welcomed John Shehan from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children to Tuesday’s MSNBC Live to discuss how parents can keep their kids safe online.


“It’s dangerous in the fact that while that child is online for hours and hours at a time, they’re seeking something, whether it’s assurance, whether it’s a friend, that child predator is going to be online, they’re going to read those online blogs, they’re going to be in chatrooms, and they’re going to be looking for children,” he said.

Shehan noted that there are several things that can be done by parents to keep their kids safe.

“First and foremost, parents need to educate themselves before they can even talk to their children about the issue,” Shehan said, noting that most parents know far less about the internet than their children.


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There is even an interective learning center that will help parents learn more about online safety for children..

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  1. So Glad you adressed this important issue online predators My child goes to a Christian School three years ago my daughter who was trusted to use the internet got online had an incredible long buddylist I had previously warned her to decrease her buddylist so only “true friends” could show up on her messenger portal. The next time I checked she had close to 300 names an insisted she knew them all. Then the problems began with X-Rated material being sent to her email I think it was coming from the buddylist? I complained to yahoo that I was an adult who never got porn sent to my email but my 13yr old daughter was??Cant even remember what they said but it wasnt coming from them!She was restricted from all use to the computer unless we were in the room also!!By 15 she completely lost all interest!!My 12 yr old daughter really has no interst in the Messenger ,Buddlists,Chatrooms or much of anything on the internet its not as popular it seems as when our other daughter was horribly invovled. I feel bottomline kids need to be watched! I use to tell her those could be 50 yr olds coming in on your conversations she was having with her school friends she ask why would they be interested? I said their sickos..I’m just glad its over and my other daughter is not interested plus their is “no peer interest” or “pressure” coming from school chums they seem to be quite satisfied with talking by phone! And with Porn coming to cell phones my children will not be receiving anything like a cell phone for Christmas or anytime soon!! Glad you aired the program!!Can anyone do anything to raise deceney in America and fight against porn coming onto cell phones!!I think freedoms for the porn industry have gotten so far reached its becoming harder and harder just to live normally.Whats next the flasher,the weirdo on the bus or in the grocery store can now not only take a photo of you but maybe flash some indecent pictures at you!! Being a mother of daughters its just shocking what is happening in our world! I use to feel comfortable walking about my home town,shopping in stores but if your a woman and you live in a society of men who are all (98%addicted to veiwing porn latest statistic) hooked, veiwers of porn it just makes my skin crawl and I’ve noticed what use to be a normal trip to the store has become a real ordeal! men gocking ,staring even more so then years ago ..55 to 65 year olds looking at my daughters like they like to devour them all because the immediate gratifying daily habits of internet use and what they choose to fill their minds with! What you submerse yourself in you become!! Its so gross that you feel like your under watchful eye! I’m not exagerating either its horrible to have to wear a jacket to Walmart when you use to be able to walk around casually in a T-Shirt. I dont know if this is the first you’ve heard of this but I’ve noticed it ,my daughters have and even my husband has!! Do you think you can do a story on just how uncomfortable?? Some of us females Do feel?? free/daily/appetite quenching porn deliverers are turning are society into? Animals is the only word I can really think of?? I nor other women and their daughters should have to feel like this??I think it would be a good idea to talk about this problem!! And it would show an interesting viewpoint!!

  2. I hate MSNBC, but you have two of the best shows on TV. To Catch a Predator and the Lockup Raw series. I truely hope you will keep producing these two shows and show America the other side. Thank You so much for these shows!!!!!

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