Testing WordPress Photo Plugin

This is the first test of our our newest wordpress plug in, Photopress, by Isaac Wedin. So far the install has gone as expected, and the details in the install file are well done.

We are anticipating a smooth add image to post at this point, and with a little luck, this plug in will work fine with the template we are currently using so we won’t have to go in and edit any php files 😉

Global 2005 Logo

Great big thanks to all the folks who have contributed to this excellent plug in;

Florian Jung’s Image Browser, Owen Winkler’s Edit Button Template (now Alex King’s JS Quicktags), and the built-in WordPress upload functions. Many people have contributed bug reports and fixes, including Roge, Randy, RobotDan?, Alex, and Frank. Claus contributed code and ideas for the database functions. Thanks![photopress:globalmedia12_9_05_Blue139x220_jpg.jpg,full,centered]