The 360 degree LED television

Excerpt from Gizmag’s Article

Taiwanese-based Dynascan has been developing the 360 degree LED display for several years now and it is initially being used as an advertising medium in shopping centres and public areas, with an outdoor version just launched too.

360 t.v. / 360 lcd television

The latest addition to the growing media network using Dynascan screens was launched today in Australia by Cinema Advertising Company Media Planet and will be known as 360tv; a digital television network which will beam content provided by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation including ABC news, sport, business and weather to purpose built 2.5 metre high, seamless 360° LED screens in flagship shopping centres throughout Australia. The 360tv network will go “live” on Monday December 5 with advertising run on a 12 minute loop, 5 times an hour, 50 times a day