Your MySpace Web Browser Is Coming

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Your MySpace Web Browser Is Comingflock myspace browser — Flock, the Mozilla-based social web browser has made the announcement that everyone has been waiting for: they will now integrate with MySpace. Building on the MySpace Developer Platform, Flock will allow users to surf the web with their MySpace friends in their sidebar. This integration will expose all of the . . .

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I think this is an excellent idea, I am surprised it has taken so long to come out. I wonder if flock will have an exclusive with this, or if myspace will be opening up more and more and allow other browsers to do the same. Myspace at one time was disconnecting virtually everyone who started anything that pulled info from myspce. I remember when a program that would notify you when your myspace friends stalkies became single was sent off to the tech crunch deadpool because myspace was being so closed off.

Then facebook came out with some APIs to let developers use and integrate their social network, and google released it’s open source social apps, and now it seems that myspace is coming out of the closed off closet more and more. Good. Now if we can just get better data portability from all social networks, in a secure manner, along with more control over what is done with personal information and pictures etc, with these web sites.