New Nashville Web Sites 03-2009

A couple of new – or relaunched web sites from the Tn area, mainly Nashville. We love working with new web site clients, although it is quite challenging to teach people at first what they need to consider, once the new site is up and running it’s great to see concept become a reality.

Nashville pet watch and pet sitting is a new web site for people who need their animals watched when going out of town. It’s a new web site, but it’s coming together quickly and shows how a wordpress powered site can look more like a web site and less like a blog.

Another wordpress powered site for a Tennessee group is the shift the lines talk show podcast being launched on break it down radio dot com.

Both of these sites are harnessing the power of wordpress as a multi-user CMS, and they employ some basic template modifications that make them look like a professional web site rather than an out of the box blog.