Static builds in radio’s future-advertisers – Yahoo! News

Static builds in radio’s future-advertisers – Yahoo! News

Satellite radio, digital music players and the Internet are slowly encroaching on traditional radio’s stronghold on local entertainment and advertising. Plus, radio ads themselves are less memorable and creative, these executives said.

He noted that Apple Computer Inc.’s (Nasdaq:AAPL – news) iPod and other music players like it have given listeners the ability to listen to what they want when they want.

Satellite radio services such as XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq:XMSR – news) and Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (Nasdaq:SIRI – news) are offering more channels, many commercial free, for a monthly subscription.

Finally, the third threat he saw was over-commercialization. “To some listeners, radio is a little bit of content in a sea of ads.”
But even as it shores up its own business model, Internet firms such as Google Inc. (GOOG – news) and Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO – news) are striking at the radio industry’s lifeblood — local advertising — by offering services like restaurant recommendations, movie times and other features.

“There’s over $100 billion of local advertising dollars that are spent on newspapers, radio, television stations, and yellow pages,” said David Sanderson, head of consulting firm Bain & Co.’s media practice. “Where will those dollars migrate in the future?”

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Adrants » Firm to Measure Blog-Based TV Buzz

It’s about time someone used the technology available today to track more details about television usage, and the amount the people are discussing which programs the most.

Adrants » Firm to Measure Blog-Based TV Buzz

BuzzMetrics has launched a syndicated service to measure television discussion on blogs, message boards and other social media. Called TV*BuzzMetrics, the ratings service will provide television executives and advertisers “ongoing qualitative insights that help explain key drivers of viewer engagement, and understand potential value of new programs.” Making this all possible, BuzzMetrics is a business affiliate of VNU, owner of research brands ACNielsen and Nielsen Media Research.

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Trend Micro: RSS Is Worm Bot’s Next Target – Yahoo! News

Trend Micro: RSS Is Worm Bot’s Next Target – Yahoo! News

Ryan Naraine – eWEEK Tue Nov 29, 1:30 PM ET

Security researchers at Trend Micro Inc. have pinpointed RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology as a lucrative target for future bot worm attacks.

David Sancho, senior anti-virus research engineer at Trend Micro, warned that RSS feed hijacking will become commonplace when Microsoft Corp. ships Internet Explorer 7, a browser refresh that will feature built-in RSS support.

The Nimda worm, for example, was unleashed 366 days after the vulnerability was reported while the recent Zotob worm only took 4 days to create.

“Automatic updates are just not an option anymore,” Sancho declared, urging PC owners to patch home systems immediately as the updates are made available on the Microsoft Web site. “The security of our home systems is at stake just by being connected to the Internet.”

In corporate settings, he suggests that IT administrators deploy software and hardware systems that specifically defend against worm bot threats.

“Detecting and blocking the network packets that the worm uses to exploit the vulnerability is by and large the best prevention to not get hit by this kind of malware,” Sancho said, urging businesses to use IDS (intrusion detection systems) and specific network anti-virus systems.

He also predicted that polymorphic shellcode exploit attacks will become a new technique in worm attacks.

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The 360 degree LED television

Excerpt from Gizmag’s Article

Taiwanese-based Dynascan has been developing the 360 degree LED display for several years now and it is initially being used as an advertising medium in shopping centres and public areas, with an outdoor version just launched too.

360 t.v. / 360 lcd television

The latest addition to the growing media network using Dynascan screens was launched today in Australia by Cinema Advertising Company Media Planet and will be known as 360tv; a digital television network which will beam content provided by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation including ABC news, sport, business and weather to purpose built 2.5 metre high, seamless 360° LED screens in flagship shopping centres throughout Australia. The 360tv network will go “live” on Monday December 5 with advertising run on a 12 minute loop, 5 times an hour, 50 times a day